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    Shanghai Huafu Artwork Investment Co. Ltd have been focusing on Chinese contemporary art market and devoting to discover and cultivate creative young artists from home and abroad, providing these artists sufficient conditions to exhibit and promote their artworks, ever since its establishment in 2011. At present, the direction of the company gives priority to Chinese contemporary ink art, also gives considerations to excellent artworks in other forms. Through holding exhibitions, organizing seminars, publishing art books and participating essential exhibitions and events domestics and overseas, the company achieves its goals to promote art communications in and outside China, to enhance the influence of Chinese contemporary art, to raise the value of collectors’ collections, to promote the development of art market in China, especially the contemporary ink art market.
     Owned by the company, the Huafu Art Space locates in M50 Creative Park on Moganshan Road. With 900 square meters room size, the space provides nice environment for art activities as exhibitions and workshops. Dozens of exhibitions are held there. For example, ink art group exhibitions as “Ink Limit” and “Contemporary Spiritual Realm”, solo exhibitions for Lu Chuntao, Dong Zhong, Wei Qingji and Wang Jieyin, etc. The art space also cooperates with famous publishers, like Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Publishing House, Hebei Fine Arts Press, Shanghai Literature and Art Press, China Youth Press. For art fairs sector, Huafu Art Space also presents artists’ works in solo exhibition or group exhibition. It organizes exchange activities actively with other arts institutions to expand a nationwide influence of artists and their works as well. Besides, directing by the headquarters, Huafu Art Space owns positive image building for the enterprise by organizing activities on Autistic Children Awareness Day every year for creating positive energy and dedicating to public benefit.
     Huafu Art will use its extensive expertise, rich experience and careful working attitude, providing high quality services for artists and collectors. At the same time, the company will search for its better developments.





Introduction of YuYao

Shanghai YuYao Artwork Co,Ltd is a professional company which designs and produces delicate china ceramic artworks.Located in the former residence of Chen Yun,QinPu,Lian Tang,the facility combines spaces for design,exhibition and promotional collections all in one. The company aims to search for and inherit the traditional chinese porcelain art,to break down the depressive state of ceramic works,to restore the original clay material tension,to break through the traditional cultural restraints,and explore the development of the ceramic culture.So the Chinese porcelain art can be varied in form and comprehensive in context. State-of-the-art in design and valuable in culture,and can become the spiritual carrier of all human thought and emotion,imagination and creativity.